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Music For Your Health!


Just what the doctor ordered!

Good news people, going to a gig is good for your health – your spit says so.

In the first experiment of its kind, scientists boldly went where no scientist has gone before and collected saliva samples from 117 people at concerts.

What’s more the new research from the Centre for Performance Science proves that live music can reduce stress hormones and boost your immune system.

Let us explain…

Ever been to see a band and had that epiphany moment?

You could quite happily live in that moment forever, suddenly everything in life seems to make sense, and you have somehow reached some state of inner fulfillment.

Yeah, that.

Turns out it is just your hormones and there are quite a few at play.

During the experiment, scientists noticed a drop in cortisol aka “the stress” hormone halfway through a gig.

Overtime high cortisol levels can worsen medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotence – so a good one to know how to avoid.

They also noticed a boost in DHEA aka the “warm-heartedness” hormone as it has been known to be associated with positive emotional responses – it also strengthens your immune system.

There have been a number of experiments to gauge how music can affect your psychological and physiological health but this was the first experiment of its kind to test live music in an actual venue.

Daisy Fancourt from the Centre for Performance Science said: “This study opens up the question of how engaging with music and the arts in cultural settings can influence biological and psychological states and, consequently, the potential of cultural events to enhance people’s broader health and well-being.”

So get out there and support your local musicians for the health of it!



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